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Only WCMp gives you a totally customizable
  • Build a user-friendly and attractive marketplace
  • Help your vendors to sell more with better features
  • Get automated commission disbursements
  • Split payment whenever a transaction happens
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Product Marketplace
Forget all the hassle of managing tons of products, and traffic of checkouts. WCMp makes it easy to launch and maintain a product marketplace with features you have always wished for.
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Rental Marketplace
Let your users rent or sell goods, spaces or services online with WCMp. Peer-to-peer sharing? B2C vacation rentals? A B2B marketplace for equipment? With WCMp, it’s easy and affordable. Get powerful booking management, flexible listing facilities, and all the admin tools that you need to run a rental marketplace.
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Booking Marketplace
Flexible booking methods, easy payment methods, quick commission split-up- get all your booking marketplace features in one place. Build Uber-like marketplace with fixed pricing, or Airbnb with the packaged pricing or create something like Upwork with negotiated pricing.
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Subscription Marketplace
Launching a new Subscription business, or bringing life to your product portfolio by adding a recurring revenue stream or simply looking to enhance your existing business, WCMp is the best option for you. From managing recurring transactions, applying special discounts to introduce custom billing frequencies and terms, our extension has it all. SaaS, Retail, NGO, Publication- bring life to your business idea with WCMp.
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WC Marketplace (WCMp) is filled with the energy an entrepreneur needs. The team is dedicated, polite, patient, and always willing to help. Their communication is regular and prompt (even for users who are trying out the plugin's Free Core Software). This has created a feeling of loyalty and commitment to grow my business with WCMp. Thanks to the team's support I have been able to bootstrap a fully-functional multi-vendor e-commerce website with all the functions a marketplace owner could need and MORE. They go the extra mile to help with customizations and integrations (with no complaints and only pleasant assistance). I highly recommend WCMp!


I can't tell you how pleased I have been with WCMp's whole team. This plugin itself is exactly what we needed to create a multi-vendor marketplace. I love the features, it makes managing a growing marketplace so easy! The team has customized many features for us and I couldn't be more pleased with their work, support and great communication.


I am very satisfied with the plugin features and constant improvement of functionality. It is the most recommended plugin for WordPress.


The WCMP bundle is excellent. While the core package is strong, the add-ons bring exceptional capability at a very do-able price for small business operators. What impresses me most though, is the world class support provided by the WCMP team: operating across time zones, they are responsive, accurate, and no-nonsense...they understand who their customers are, and provide excellent service. I have no hesitation to recommend WCMP and the add-on suite for entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their platform revenue.


Not only I am very satisfied with the functionality of the plugin itself, but I am extremely thankful for all the support I have received from the team: every issue was resolved, and even a small change that I had no idea how to do they helped me with concrete instructions to customize. If you are looking for a multi vendor / marketplace plugin, don’t look any further than WC Marketplace: highly recommended.


WC Marketplace is best plugin for creating your own marketplace. When I decided to create one I tried a lot of different plugins. And when I found WC marketplace I wondered of its possibilities. It has a lot of options and at the same time it is easy to setup, This plugin is flexible and makes comfortable working for all: for admin, for vendors and for buyers. Another one big plus is support - very quick and attentive. .

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Vendors' Happiness

Features tailor-made for every vendor to help them run their store with smile and good revenue.
  • WCMp Vendor Dashboard An entirely separate frontend dashboard, where your vendors can manage their products, coupons, orders, commissions, customer questions and much more.
  • Single Product Multiple Vendors Give an extra cushion to your vendors with this awesome feature. Vendors can also sell products previously listed by other vendors .
  • Request Withdrawal Commission Give more reasons to do business with you by helping them to withdraw all or some of their pending dues at any point of time.

Admins' Convenience

Managing a marketplace is now easier. Absolute control, better insights, more robust software- we have got you covered.
  • Everything under control WCMp gives you the ultimate ownership of your marketplace. Control who has the ability to view, buy, and sell. Make it open for everyone, restrict it to people with an invitation, or only allow in people with certain criteria. Product to coupon, you have the ultimate power. After all, it’s your marketplace.
  • Actionable Sales Report See what’s working for your business with our neat and actionable reporting. Admin can generate sales report for each vendor and take more informed decisions.
  • Comfortable Commissions Mechanism Commission per product, Commission per vendor and Commission per category- admin holds the power to set the marketplace commission model. Admin can also configure the allowable payment methods for a vendor to receive payments with the commission payment schedule, withdrawal locking period.

Customers' delight

Convert more visitors into customers with some cool features exclusively brought by WCMp.
  • Shop by vendors Customers get an exclusive list of vendors listed on your site so that they know whom to choose from. More: if they have a particular vendor in mind, they can view all the products belonging to the vendor on one single page.
  • Better Search Results Let your customers search for a vendor by their nearest location or by product categories or even alphabetically.
  • Let them pay, however they want Stripe, Alipay, Square, PayPal- get all the major online payment gateways with WCMp and make shopping easy for your customers.
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