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Why Use WooCommerce for your marketplace? [Infographic]

Why Use WooCommerce for your marketplace? [Infographic]


We, the developers at The Grey Parrots love WooCommerce.

Since its initial release in 2011, WooCommerce has taken the world of eCommerce by storm. What started out as a simple fork of Jigoshop turned out to be a plug-in which changed how WordPress could be used to allow merchants of all size and shape to quickly open a fully functional web store with little or no technical expertise.

Like all great plug-ins, WooCommerce is free to download and install, is simple by design and is therefore equally easy to customize. According to Built With’s report, WooCommerce powers more than a million websites as of today with many more coming online every week.

What’s the one thing that drives WooCommerce upwards, overtaking the likes of Magento and Shopify?

To say in one line, it’s the user-friendly interface and the ever-growing plugin and theme repository. Anybody with a WordPress website immediately can build a fully functional online web store at very little cost. And now with our plugin, a marketplace too. WooCommerce is free of any baggage and does not care how big or small the merchant is. The flexible framework will scale up as the user grows over the time. Add to that a bevy of data and front-end reports with an extended range of themes custom built for WooCommerce powered websites, and you have yourself an effective and efficient solution for entering the world of online retail with very little fuss and cost to yourself.

Now, as WooCommerce is feature-rich and it’s almost next to impossible to narrate the benefits in one single blog. Our infographic maestros at the Sorcerers came to your rescue and presented us this beautiful infographic listing down all the might and WooCommerce wonders in meaningful graphics. Have a look at them and you will get an honest answer to your question.


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