Which Payment Gateway Should You Choose for your marketplace? [Infographic]

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One of the many hurdles that eCommerce entrepreneurs have to overcome directly stemmed from the way the payments are processed. Since we live in a completely credit based economy, it became necessary to develop technology which would enable customers to check-out and pay for their purchases easily and above all, securely. The roots of what we today know as payment gateways stretches far back to the days 1998 with the launch of PayPal.

A few years later, as eCommerce continued its meteoric rise, the number of different payment gateway technologies began to swell proportionately. Today, as WordPress, WooCommerce and marketplace plug-ins put online retailing well within the reach of entrepreneurs from every walk of life, payment gateway technologies have evolved and diversified to suit their needs. This infographic provides a quick overview of features, pros and cons of the most popular WordPress ready payment gateway plugins available today.


What are the features that you and your vendors look in a plugin? Out of our list, which plugin is best compatible with your marketplace model? Share your views now.


Published on - December 23, 2015
Last updated on - March 15, 2017
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