WCMp v3.3 Sneak Peek

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WCMp v3.0 Sneak Peek

Brace yourselves for the mighty launch of WCMp v3.0 (beta) during Christmas – New Year holidays!!

2 months of planning

21 days of execution

87 hours of coding

228 cups of coffee

0 mugs of beer 😥 ( atleast officially 😛 )

OUTPUT? Revamped, Renewed and Ravishing WC-Marketplace 3.0!
Really? Let me have a look!
Major USP in this update: An engaging vendor experience with an enriched and enhanced Vendor Dashboard!

So what to expect in Santa’s Sack?

If you are a vendor…

Then… No more of sleepless nights, deciphering the settings section! Here’s presenting with a bang, a newer and better FRONTEND DASHBOARD. Manage each setting with a click (that easy!!). Access your store easily across all devices and varying screen sizes!

Spoiler Alert: Get greater control over shop automated reports right into your inbox thereby stay up-to-date even if you haven’t logged in for a while.

***What the bleep?!! Why on earth didn’t you do that earlier?***
Believe us!! We are wondering the same!

If you are an admin…

Currently, WCMp offers 100+ settings!
***Like seriously?? Duh!! 🙁 WHY??!!***
Marketplace is a vast genre… and to offer you, even the minute flexibilities with not a line of code required, we ended up crossing the 100th mark! But that was never meant to confuse you… rather it was created to accommodate all types of marketplaces in one single plugin!

But but but… the good news is: We are reducing our settings by nearly 40% without removing a single feature!
Why should Vendors have all the fun? Here’s a little spoiler for you too.

Get some exclusive features previously included in our paid extensions completely free!! ***keep guessing!?! 🙄 ***

Excited, aren’t you?!

Now, on a very serious note:

Here’s a quickie describing the main features that has been packed with WCMp 3.0

Better vendor frontend experience and an easy to use dashboard.

Lesser theme compatibility issues if WooCommerce is supported.

Reduced admin settings and hence smoother to manage and configure!

What are you waiting for? Get

Lay in some of the coolest feature ideas that are up in your sleeves and help us make your WC-Marketplace the trendiest marketplace ever!

***I want to Contribute!!***

Made with  from Team WC Marketplace, YOUR success partner.

Finally the wait is over… its here!!!

Published on - February 18, 2019
Last updated on - January 11, 2020
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