Get ready!! And here comes the star, WCMp Split Order!

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The much awaited Split Order module Beta is now integrated into your favorite marketplace solution, WC Marketplace.

So what is Split Order basically?

While answering this question, let’s dive a little into the recent history.

Currently, when a customer comes to your website and purchases products from one or more vendors, a single order is created irrespective of the number of vendors, the customer has bought products from. In this case, even though WCMp did make provisions for each vendor to view/edit their orders but that was limited and was a tiny part of a large order and hence the admin had to manage most operations related to orders which in turn complicated admin’s responsibilities.

But now, things are different with split order coming into the scene. As the name suggests, split order simply just splits the order between the vendors. So, when a customer buys a product from Vendor A and Vendor B, the entire order is divided between the two vendors, thereby, enabling vendors to have full control over their part of the order. They can now handle partial returns, refunds, order related queries and much more which in turn reduces the admin’s responsibilities by nearly half.

Moreover, this update will also give the vendors a ledger book, a place where they can manage all of their transactions.

What are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and let’s get started.

Let’s get the first things straight: This is a beta version so you will need to test it on your staging site. This version is NOT for your production environment.

Once activated, test drive WCMp Split Order beta and send in your feedbacks using our Report a Bug tab :

It is these feedbacks, that will help us build this module a robust one and prone to lesser issues once gone live.

How to start your test ride?

  1. Download WCMp beta from GitHub (
  2. Either make a local copy of your running live environment or talk to your hosting provider and ask them for a staging server where you shall put in an exactly cloned replica of your live server. Here is a helping document that will guide you on how you can create the staging, for further info click here.  
  3. Once done, replace your current WCMp with the beta version you just downloaded (remember to unzip it). This can be achieved either by uninstalling the plugin or deleting the plugin file from the list of plugin folders.
  4. Rename the folder as “dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor” and remove the dev tag. Now, zip this folder again.
  5. Lastly, activate this plugin on your site.

While in the process, if you face any discrepancies or issues, immediately report to us on our support forum ( or mail us at

Published on - June 15, 2019
Last updated on - June 19, 2019
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