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Online marketplace made easy with WC Marketplace 3.0

Online marketplace made easy with WC Marketplace 3.0

Great news! The latest version of WC marketplace plugin, WC Marketplace v3.0 is here and how!

WC Marketplace v3.0 plugin will now come loaded with features along with improved look and feel. To an online marketplace owners’ advantage, this version covers:

  • Optimized and superior multi-vendor management mechanism
  • Enhanced UX/UI; color scheme personalization and simplistic design
  • On-the-go email notifications and sales reports

And, guess what? Some add-on features that were earlier paid-extensions to the plugin will now be free for use.

WC Marketplace v3.0 over v2.7

Firstly, the ideation behind this version was driven by the need to make the plugin more user-friendly and smart.

Count on WC Marketplace v3.0 to provide better vendor frontend experience and an easy-to-use dashboard. You will also come across less number of theme compatibility issues.

WC Marketplace v3.0 perfectly reduces both your and your vendors’ efforts by 40% to confirm your website according to your business requirements by removing lesser-used configurations and adding them as filters. It is done so that you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time in going over the configurations. If are used to WC Marketplace 2.7’s extensive dashboard settings, fret not. Here is how you can get the lesser-used settings by using hooks!

The ideation and development phases were followed by an extensive testing phase of the plugin. The beta version of the WC Marketplace v3.0 plugin was released on 25th December 2017 for users to try and provide feedback on the same. Based on users’ feedback the plugin was tweaked simultaneously to make the plugin error-free.

WC Marketplace v3.0 lets you easily manage multiple vendors and at the same time enable your vendors to sell proactively without being in a locked-in situation.

With WC Marketplace v3.0, your vendors can create individual stores online. It enables your vendors to put their goods or products on display and sale. It is almost like a shopping mall, only virtual, where consumers can make a purchase decision on a wide range of products being sold by various vendor store pages.

As an admin you are supposed to juggle various elements of multi-vendor e-commerce platform such as, vendor registration, vendor payments, vendor charges, inventory management, order management, shipping, generating reports, to name a few.

WC Marketplace lets you conveniently approve or reject vendor registrations. Moreover, as the marketplace admin, you can reserve the right to allow or deny what your vendors choose to feature. Setting commission rates and generating vendor performance reports appropriate for your business strategy will be a lot easier with WC Marketplace 3.0. You can always upgrade your WC Marketplace plugin to avail advanced features by going for assorted add-ons.

All that is new in WC Marketplace v3.0!

  • Make your vendors familiar with functional simplicity and optimized user experience with the all-new WC Marketplace v3.0 vendor dashboard. It comes with multiple widgets and functionalities
  • Vendors can set their store location and time zone by using Google Maps on their store’s page
  • WC Marketplace v3.0 has reduced the number of configurations in the admin settings, which would let you customize these e-commerce functionalities to meet your business requirements while being at ease.
  • Admin can approve or reject vendor inclusion, registration or product publishing. In each case, the vendor will be notified in an auto-generated email.

Enhanced Admin Functionalities:

  • Admin can now send detailed sales or performance reports to vendors on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Admin can segregate commission type or amount for separate product categories with ‘Category-wise Commission’ capability.
  • Admin can oversee each transaction status recorded via commission note.
  • Admin can use ‘Clean Slate Uninstallation’ functionality to remove plugins along with its database tables and options without any leftovers.

New Widgets on Vendor Dashboard:

  • Vendor Stats and Reports- Vendors can view store statistics inclusive of store traffic, received orders, total sales, earned commission and withdrawn commission reports on quarterly basis.
  • Visitors Map- Vendors can view visitor analytics of the store and products on a weekly or monthly basis. It displays locations from which the vendor’s store or products have been visited.
  • Transaction Details- Vendors can figure out total commission amount ready to be withdrawn along with the last five transactions that were performed by them. Withdrawal option at the widget links the vendor to the commission withdrawal page.
  • Pending Shipping- Vendors can oversee which orders need to be shipped and mark them as shipped when done. The widget display details of the order such as order name, order creation date, shipping address of the customer and shipping charges. When an order has been marked as shipped, it shall auto-notify both admin and vendor in their respective orders page.
  • Product Sales Report- Vendors can oversee the products that were sold in the past 7 days with the product name and quantity.
  • Product Stats- Vendors can learn statistics of the added products, i.e. total of published, pending, drafted products. They can also oversee the products awaiting admin’s approval.
  • Vendor Reviews- Vendors can view feedback received by their customers about their store here.
  • Customer Questions- Vendors can view and reply to the questions asked by customers about the products. These customer queries are pulled from the “Questions and Answers” section of the products’ pages.

With a whopping 94.25% users rating WC Marketplace a 5/5 on WordPress, WCMp is already a hoot amongst multi-vendor online marketplaces running on WordPress-WooCommerce websites. With the version 3.0 of the WC Marketplace plugin, upgrade your e-commerce platform with spectacular multi-vendor management capabilities.


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