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The Ultimate eCommerce Compendium

The Ultimate eCommerce Compendium



Over the last decade and a half, eCommerce has grown at a phenomenal rate and is continuing to bolster its might in every major economy in the world. Although the technology and the cultural trend itself was born in the United States and Europe, the market is no longer limited to those geographies and economies. Rather, eCommerce has made a greater name for itself in developing countries like China and the rest of South Asia and Asia-Pacific. Thus, the true power of eCommerce lies in its ability to reach a much larger, diverse customer base distributed geographically, not just in one country, but across the globe.

Currently, the global e-commerce economy is approximately valued at $1.67 trillion and is predicted to double up to $3.55 trillion by 2019. Want to know what fuels the eCommerce ecosystem? How online shoppers behave and what they expect from web stores and marketplaces? Then check out this cool infographic from our partners at Sorcerers.


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