This plugin is completely WPML compatible.
If you are a translator and wish to contribute to translate this plugin, please shoot us a mail at We are happy to acknowledge your contribution by linking back to you.

The current version of WC Marketplace plugin supports following languages:

* Norwegian – Thanks to Bjørn Andre
* Brazilian – Thanks to [Simone Pereira Cunha](
* Italian – Thanks to [Diego Mazzoli](
* Russian – Thanks to [Natalia Sedova](
* Arabic – Thanks to [Juancho Deveraturda](
* French – Thanks to [Mehdi Abassi](
* Spanish – Thanks to [Sergio Alonso Garrido](
* Persian- Thanks to [The Immortal](

We’d love to hear from you if you want to submit a translation or enhance the existing ones. Just drop us an email at-