Hide Vendor Shop page

Some of our users have asked us how to remove the Vendor’s Shop page. There is no such option to remove vendor shop page, as our vendor shop page is nothing but taxonomy page, like category, tax. Hence, when a vendor will be added to the site, their shop page will be created.

So, as a solution, you can stop the vendor and customer from accessing the page by directing users from the vendor’s shop page to the site’s shop page. Therefore, the customer/vendor will always be directed to the site’s shop page, when they will click on the vendor’s name. To achieve this, add this code snippet in the child theme’s function.php :

If you also want to remove the “My Shop’ tab of Vendor dashboard i.e.

Add this code to the function.php of the current active theme :

Posted on : October 21, 2019
Modified : October 21, 2019

NerdySupportExpert Moumita

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