Add Delivery Date for Vendor Products

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Sometimes it is needed for our users to add new tab in the “Add Product” page. This blog is to help them how to add the custom field, save the value and display that in the Single Product Page also.

Custom add-ons fields
The first code snippet is to add new custom tab in the add product page. Here I named this custom tab as “Delivery Time”. You can change the name of the tab by using label.

Now, to add content inside the custom tab, use the following code. Here I have added a field called “Estimated Delivery time”, that will ask the vendor to put value.

All we need to do know is save the value of the field when the product is updated.

This last code snippet is for the customers to view the extra information.

Published on - July 27, 2019
Last updated on - January 12, 2022
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