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      Hi, i am planning to buy your plugin, but I am using Yoast SEO Premium, will there be conflicts with this plugin Yoast SEO Premium? And can I fill in the data on the SEO of the store myself, without going into the vendor’s admin panel?

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      Hello Igan,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Our addon WCMp Vendor SEO and Analytics add-on plugin (https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-vendor-seo-and-analytics/) is compatible with YITH SEO plugin as you can see here (https://prnt.sc/vvr5wp).

      Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance.

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        I got it, but I’m asking you about Yoast SEO Premium

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      I am afraid, Yoast SEO Premium is not compatible with WCMp, means the vendor can’t access this plugin’s content.

      However you may use this from admin end.

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        I can edit the meta description and title of the product, but how can I put it in the vendor’s store from the admin panel?

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      If you save meta description and title of the product from admin panel it will save on the database but you can’t saw that on vendor dashboard.
      If you want to show this on vendor dashboard then you have to add come custom code for showing those data on vendor dashboard product edit page.


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        if I understand you correctly, I can use the plugin Yoast SEO Premium (from the admin panel side) for the vendor’s store pages, I just need to add some special code?
        Could you tell me what name code I need?

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      @l.gan, we don’t have any such ready-made code for this, hence you need to add the on your end.

      If you have any developers, ask them to contact us we will help them out. Alternatively, you may hire our service team : https://wc-marketplace.com/third-party-themes/

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        I contacted the developers of the Yoast Seo Premium plugin with a problem, and they said they did not understand why I do not see the meta box of their plugin for the taxonomies that are generated by your plugin. Can you help me with this? I look like a great meta box for products from the admin panel, but I can’t register a meta box for a taxonomy with a vendor name and, accordingly, for a vendor page from the admin panel. He’s just not there

        developers of the Yoast Seo Premium plugin: “Thanks for the email! We took a look at this product and vendor page: https://.com/dashboard/storefront/ and unfortunately, our plugin is not going to be compatible with it. There is something about how those pages are built that is preventing Yoast from outputting a metabox on the page.

        Indeed, if you go to SEO-Search Appearance-Content Types (or Taxonomies) and you see Product or Vendor sections appear then there is an issue with the WCMP Vendor plugin that is not permitting Yoast to output that metabox on those pages.”

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      @l.gan, the add product page in the vendor dashboard is a separate page, created by our plugin.
      Now the YOAST plugin sports only WooCommerce, that is why their SEO field will only be displayed in the WooCommerce’s page.

      But to display the same in our add product page, you have to do custom code and display the fields for vendors too. We do have some hook/filters, you need to use them to show the fields.

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      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

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