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Withdrawel request does not work Open

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      Hadhemi Ragoubi

      Hello ,
      I am finding a trouble with withdrawel request in the vendor dashbord .
      I made sure to check the option that allow the vendor to request a withdrawl.
      I set the minimum withdrawel to 1 Dinar.
      The orders are set to complete but yet the withdrawel request is not working
      Please help
      Thak you !

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      Hi @Hadhemi Ragoubi, not to worry.

      Please check the payment mode. If this is Csh on Delivery, then the vendor won’t be able to see these orders, as the vendor is the one to receive the money from the customer.

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      Hadhemi Ragoubi

      Hello ,
      Thank you for the help .I tried using onother payment method and it worked just fine
      Thank you so much

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      Happy to help 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads

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