What does WCMP Stripe Marketplace plugin do?

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What does WCMP Stripe Marketplace plugin do? Open

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      I’m a little confused exactly what the WCMP Stripe Marketplace plugin will do and how beneficial it is?
      Does this plugin automatically take care of the coding and setup for Stripe in WCMP for functionality with multiple vendors/orders placed by customers with products from multiple vendors and to make it hands-free and coding-free for admins/platform?

      I’m currently using WCMP — and I’m genuinely frustrated with trying to setup the payment for vendors and the general breakdown of how transactions are going to work on a marketplace. I tried connecting stripe as its offered as an option in WCMP for payment for vendors but I noticed there’s no streamlined integration in WCMP and for someone with no development and programming experiences, it’s confusing — how I’m supposed to setup stripe to work in a multivendor marketplace because it’s not automatically integrated in WCMP.

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      Will the WCMP Stripe Marketplace take care of the payment integration/setup and make hands-free for the admin?
      Because currently, just trying to setup Stripe payments its giving me a whole lot of errors that I don’t understand.

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      WCMp stripe Marketplace addon (https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-stripe-marketplace/) helps in real time disbursement of commission.

      You can also refer to our knowledge base document Stripe section (https://wc-marketplace.com/knowledgebase/payment/) which will help you with the detailed steps of how to set up.

      Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance.

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      It doesn’t answer the question whether the WCMP Stripe Plugin Marketplace is helping the admin/platform setup Express or Custom accounts. I am currently using Stripe and in my stripe dashbard it seems that there is coding involved for Express & Custom setup which I do not know how to do.

      So does your WCMP Stripe Marketplace plugin actually take care of the SETUP of the Express & Custom account???

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      Hi @fghauri, in order for the vendor to connect their payment mode as stripe (Express & CUstom), there is no coding required.

      Yes, there are some details needed by Stripe (for each vendor account), like country, bank account details etc. But those are not codes, so we are not sure by code, what are you referring to?

Viewing 4 reply threads

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