WCMp Catalog Enquiry not compatible with Vendor Staff

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WCMp Catalog Enquiry not compatible with Vendor Staff Resolved

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      Hello. WCMp Catalog Enquiry is a great feature. But as far as I can see, it’s not compatible with vendor staff, or perhaps I have missed something? It would be great if Catalog Enquiry was compatible with vendor staff so not only the main vendor account can handle enquires.



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      @jimmybredesen, currently Vendor Staff and Catalog Enquiry are not compatible. We do have a plan to add this support.

      But, if you need this flow urgently in your site, you can do custom code and we can help you out with the flow you need to follow for this custom code.

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      Okay thank you Moumita. I would be very greatful if you could help me out with the flow of the custom code.


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      @jimmybredesen, I have consulted with the team, the vendor and Vendor Staff has two different roles.

      Now, the catalog flow is only for vendor role.

      In our future update, we will provide the corresponding hook/filters for this.

      I will keep you posted.

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      Okay no problem Moumita. Thank you for taking this in consideration when making future updates.

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      @jimmybredesen, once this feature will be added, we will let you know.

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      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.
      We are marking this thread as resolved.
      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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