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      Hi there,
      I´m using WCMp Catalog Enquiry together with wp marketplace, in my wp admin area I have this two warnings on top:

      Warning: Declaration of WCMP_Woocommerce_Catalog_Enquiry_Reply_Email::get_from_name() should be compatible with WC_Email::get_from_name($from_name = ”) in /home/trav7320/public_html/todo-deportes.cl/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-catalog-enquiry-pro/classes/emails/class-wcmp-Woocommerce-Catalog-Enquiry-reply-email.php on line 17

      Warning: Declaration of WCMP_Woocommerce_Catalog_Enquiry_Reply_Email::get_from_address() should be compatible with WC_Email::get_from_address($from_email = ”) in /home/trav7320/public_html/todo-deportes.cl/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-catalog-enquiry-pro/classes/emails/class-wcmp-Woocommerce-Catalog-Enquiry-reply-email.php on line 17

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