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      I would like to know where the vacation dates are stored for each vendor and if I want to have a front end field (a delivery date, let’s say a calendar) what file should I overwrite in order to appear it at the front end too without messing with the rest of the plugin?
      Thank you

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      Kindly use the user switch plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/) through which you can check any vendor dashboard or profile.

      Also note that whenever the vendor will go for vacation and he sets it up on his calendar the admin will get an email notification. Also, the vendor can set vacation note from the vendor dashboard as you can see here (https://prnt.sc/114u533) and the customer will see the following message on the product page as you can see here (https://prnt.sc/114u6tf).

      You can also display the store timing added by vendors on vendor shop page or single product page using this widget as you can see here https://prnt.sc/114u932

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      Maybe I was not clear enough.
      I want to know which file I could use in order to overwrite and extend the functionality of the plugin because I want my customer to know excaclty the dates that a vendor can not deliver the product and select a certain delivery day!

      I looked up the db but I cannot find a table with these data or a json file. Where are the vacation dates stored?

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      As per our default flow WCMp vendor vacation date stored in user_meta table with meta key is ‘_vacation_include_dates’
      You can find out the dates using below code use this as a reference.

      $wcmp_vendor_vacation = get_user_meta($vendor_id, '_vacation_include_dates', true);
      $db_selected_dates = isset($wcmp_vendor_vacation['include_dates_array']) ? $wcmp_vendor_vacation['include_dates_array'] : false;
      print_r( $db_selected_dates);


Viewing 3 reply threads

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