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      Victor Bel

      I know there has already been such a topic here. But this clearly requires an urgent fix. Vendors cannot add products after purchasing any plan. The permissions are set, but the vendor’s Add Product menu appears and disappears.

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      Hi Victor, please make sure you have added both Product Releated Capability as well as Allowed product types, only then vendor can add product.
      For better explanation please refer to this image https://scrnli.com/ZjwB62id0Nm0na

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      I have the same probleme. I confirm to have added both Product Releated Capability as well as Allowed product types.

      But my vendors doesn’t added products anymore.

      Please I need quick support.

      Best regards

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      I created a manuel vendor. In this WP acount is different than the vendor who has submit a suscription.

      Please check the attachement. The probleme come here.

      No way to fix it by my self.

      But I have vendor also paid the suscription.

      Need quick support please.

      Best regards

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      It seems like there is some plugin/theme conflict. Just to be sure, disable all the plugins except WooCommerce and WCMp and check again.
      If the issue still exists, please switch to some default theme such as Twenty Sixteen and check again.
      Please do keep us posted so we can help you out.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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