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Vendor uploading file tab

Vendor uploading file tab 2017-05-30T11:04:15+00:00

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Vendor uploading file tab Resolved

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  • hamidreza.d67
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    Hi Rimpa,

    Regarding uploading files:
    – How can I control the uploading sizes of files?
    – Also, when vendors want to upload a file, they can see other files which other vendors upload, how can we have restricted that area for each vendor?
    – Besides, I am selling virtual downloadable files from vendors, they must mark the icon to upload area appears. Is it possible to have the upload option constant and get rid of virtual product check mark (I only know how to remove the checkmark)?


  • WCMp Support
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    Hi Hamid,

    Apology for delayed response. Actually, we were going through our festive season hence didn’t able to answer you to the earliest. Well, now we are back and let me take care of your queries one by one:

    Answer 1: The size of the files can’t be controlled as they are part or defined by the WordPress.

    Answer 2: This is strange. The file uploaded by any user won’t be visible to any other user. Please check if you are using any role controlling plugin.

    Answer 3: Definitely, you can meet your requirement for the virtual downloadable files but to achieve the same you have to customize the plugin.


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