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      is it possible to hide vendor details on their store front such as email and telephone number and just show their country for the address rather than their full address?
      Also, will it show the number of sales a vendor has on their shop front?

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      Hi @handmadeontheweb, you can remove the telephone and email from storefront page using this css (add this via WCMp >> Settings >> Vendor >> Vendor frontend >> Custom css) :

      form.wcmp_shop_settings_form.form-horizontal .panel.panel-default.panel-pading.pannel-outer-heading .panel-body.panel-content-padding .wcmp_form1 .form-group:nth-of-type(6), form.wcmp_shop_settings_form.form-horizontal .panel.panel-default.panel-pading.pannel-outer-heading .panel-body.panel-content-padding .wcmp_form1 .form-group:nth-of-type(5) {
          display: none;

      Now to show the number of sales the vendor has in the shopfront, you need to do custom code. But, what data you want to display for the number of sales, will be order in that month/year etc. Your information will help us assist you accordingly.

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      Hi Moumita, i seemed to have missed your response on this thread as i was so focused on the other one. With regards to the shopfront – if would be nice to show customers how many sales each vendor has made – so when a customer visits a vendors shop page they can see for example (100 sales) or (2 sales) – a total number of sales since the shop opened

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      Hi @handmadeontheweb, in order to display the number of orders, add this code to the function.php of the current active theme :

      function my_new_information($vendor_id){
      $vendor = get_wcmp_vendor($vendor_id);
      <p class="wcmp_vendor_detail">
      <label>Total order : </label>
      <label><?php echo $total_order_received; ?></label>
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      Thank you Moumita!
      Would you be so kind as to ask the team to check the other thread regarding the shipping issue – they say it is fixed – but the shipping charge is not being paid to the vendor

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      @handmadeontheweb, I have replied to you in that thread.

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      I presume this issue has been resolved, so I am closing this thread.

      If you need any further help, please do open another thread.’

Viewing 6 reply threads

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