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Vendor staff reports

Vendor staff reports2019-09-30T09:49:01-05:00

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Vendor staff reports Open

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  • netlet
    Post count: 22

    is there a way for the admin to see sales report for each specific vendor staff member? Is there some code snippet I could use to dig this information from the database directly for example?

  • NerdySupportExpert Moumita
    Post count: 5381

    @netlet, when a vendor staff gets added to the site, although the staff hanldes the sale, the vendor of the site is the store owner. Hence, all the sale are accounted to him.

    That is why, there is no separate sale record for the staff.

    Let us know if you have any further query.

  • netlet
    Post count: 22

    I understand that there is no reay report, that is not what I am asking. i am asking whether there is any record of who created the product originally in the database, so that there could be a way to list the products of each vendor staff member individually

  • Raju The Cool Guy
    Post count: 176

    Hi @netlet
    you can fetch individual vendor’s product like this way $products = $vendor->get_products();.

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