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      hi team
      sorry , english is not my mother tongue, but i think i can explain my issue.
      i have a vendor with 2 products, people can come to see one of the product, when they go to vendor and click on the name of the vendor to see all products of this vendor, it gives me a page without nothing on it .
      can you help me to fix this?

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      hello ludo5n thank you for getting in touch with us
      After hearing from you we checked this on our end, didn’t find any such issue as you can see here :

      There might be some plugin/theme , , which is causing this display issue. Just to be sure, please disable all the plugins except WooCommerce and WC Marketplace for testing purposes and check again. If the issue still exists, please switch to some default theme like Twenty Sixteen and check again.
      Let us know the result so we can help you out further.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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