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      Hi There,

      I’m looking to check if there is a possibility of achieving a user role as Vendor Manager. So lets say there is a Market place which has 5000+ Vendors Off course in that case one Admin can’t manage all the Vendors. So what’s possible way to divide those 5000 Vendors under 10 Vendor Manager so that each Vendor Manager manages 500 Vendors with approvals, queries and each of the Vendor Manager can only look at the Vendors under him not all like Admin.


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      Pankaj, thanks for the query.

      Currently, only admin or shop managers can manage the vendors. But, they need to manage all the vendors.

      So, in order to achieve your flow, what you can do is group the vendors, and display them to a specific shop manager. Now, you have to do some custom code, to create the Group of vendors and display then to particular one shop manager.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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