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Vendor functions about order updates are not working Open

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      I have to tell you that I am very disappointed after the latest update of the plugin at my site. I still do not know if problems are from the plugin or some misconfiguration. I will create separate tickets of each of my problem. I do not want to fix these at my clone site, I want to fix that to my LIVE Site please, because I am facing problems. I have backups, do not worry for that also.

      Now my main issue is that Vendor does not receive emails and order status updates about a new order. When a customer pays for a product, then site admin and customer are informed about the order through emails.

      I login as admin, and I change the Order status to “Processing” and nothing happens. The Vendor still see the new order (where the customer has paid through PayPal) as “Cancelled”.

      Can we please fix that? Vendor has to see the Order as I set it in admin area “Processing” and not as “Cancelled”.

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      @Kyriakos, Let me help you out with current notification flow and order status change :

      – When an order is created on the woocommerce end, we create the corresponding sub-order.
      – Now, we check the initial order status of the order from woocommerce’s main order and set same order status for suborders too
      – Then each vendor, admin and customer will receive the new order mail
      – After that, each vendor/admin needs to change order status for each sub-order
      – Then only customer will get the status change mail
      – Also, apart from initial order status, if you change the status of an order, this will not affect the sub order’s status

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      After your help we founded that we faced two issues: a) it was the PayPal trigers that never work about a paid order, and the b) server emails.

      We fixed both by stop using PayPal for a while, and using an SMTP plugin that work great.

      Thank you again for your time.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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