Vendor Dashboard – Date Picker to show date as DD/MM/YY

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Vendor Dashboard – Date Picker to show date as DD/MM/YY Resolved

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      Hello, please could you provide custom code to help me change the date format in date picker from YY/MM/DD to DD/MM/YY in vendor dashboard in the following 4 pages:

      Stats/Reports – Overview & Banking Overview
      Payments – History

      They look ok when you first go into the page, but if you click on the date picker to choose another day it changes into YY/MM/DD which I don’t want (attachments show the issue). I want the date picker to show DD/MM/YY all the time

      Thanks a lot,

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      @Madalina, sure we will definitely help you out.

      Kindly share a temporary admin, vendor (who has orders) and ftp access, so we can help you out accordingly.

      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      Hello, Do you have an update in regards to this please? Thanks!!

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      Hi, I’m aware of the error since it’s been 2 days that I haven’t been able to access the site and unfortunately, this happened after you guys have tried to look at several issues. I’ve contacted the plugin author but he didn’t get back to me yet. Is there anything you can do to get it fixed?

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      @Madalina, the error is coming from the child theme.

      Hence I have renamed the child theme and activated the parent theme.

      Let me know when the theme author will fix this.

    • #73480

      Hello, the theme author just replied, please see his answer below:

      “Unfortunately we can’t tell what the reason could be, as the “et-pagebuilder” is not part of the theme. It was built to work exclusively with WPBakery Page Builder. Most probably there is a conflict with another page builder you attempt to use”

      Please let me know how can we get this fixed


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      @Madalina, can you check whether you have added any code for page builder in the function.php?

      Or simply check whether you are using any page builder plugin in your site? If yes, then disable that and check again.

      Keep us posted.

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        Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I haven’t added any code for page builder in function.php and I don’t have any other page builder plugins installed. I’ve tried to disable some plugins (not page builders) that I’ve installed a few weeks ago as I thought the problem might be them but they’re not the issue.

        Everything worked normal, with no signs of any issues before you had a look into the WPBakery conflict. I’ve just tried to reinstall the child theme but the error appears again now.

        Can you please change the child theme name again so I can try to get in and disable all plugins? Thanks!

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      @Madalina, I have activated the parent theme and renamed the child theme.

      Have you added any custom code in the function.php of the child theme?

      Also, did you create the child theme om your own or the child theme comes with the parent theme?

      • #73571

        I disabled all the plugins and only left the ones required by the theme, but it seems that there was no interference between them. Regarding your question I’ve added many customs codes in function.php in the child theme, but they were not related with any page builders, I really hope I don’t loose any of those custom codes as they were for many different stuff.

        The child theme came with the parent theme when I bought the theme.

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      Hello, please could you get back to me explaining what is going on? The website stopped working for an entire week and it happened after you guys went into it, nobody else had access to FTP, admin details etc. Please tell me what is it that you’ve done so we can try to find a way to fix it?

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      @Madalina, as you can see in this post –, in order to remove the white spaced we needed to see the theme’s content added in dashboard page.

      But, don’t know what your custom code is causing this issue.

      If you want, I can comment out your custom code and check which part is causing this issue.

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      When you looked at the theme’s content something happened, did you add something in there? As it seems obvious that from that point the website started having the error. Before then, we didn’t have any issues at all.

      I’ve tried to get into functions.php from Child Theme to save all the codes that I’ve added to customise the theme, but they all disappeared and I’m hoping to get them back

      Functions.php from the child theme looks completely different compared to how it was before you had a look

      Please could you have a look to see what is causing the issue as I’m pretty desperate, almost a week has passed and I still don’t know what’s going on


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      @Madalina, can you share the zip file of the child theme, so we can help you out accordingly.

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      Please click on the link shared into the previous message to get admin access.

      If you haven’t added divi builder code in our theme then what exactly did you do when you accessed our site?

      I will check with the server admin as well

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      @Madalina, the only part we did is add temporary code, that actually checks which part of the theme’s JS is loading in your site. But, this code was removed, this is to help fetch those js and then dequeue them.

      So, can you please ask the server admin to restore the site. Also, do you have a staging site, instead of the live site, we may do further changes there.

    • #73790

      I found out what you’ve done, you’ve overridden with another functions.php which wasn’t from my theme, so all the trouble started from there.
      Do you still have the original functions.php that was there before you started going into FTP?

    • #73890

      @Madalina, I am afraid we didn’t add any additional function.php file in your end. All we added one sample code and removed that also.

      Can you share your cPanel access, so we can check whether there is option to recover the previous changes?

    • #85933
      MOUMITA Haldar


      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.

      We are marking this thread as resolved.

      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

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