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      Dear WCMP support,

      I absolutely love your plugin. I have a question/request? Is it possible to Categorize Vendor, just like we can add categories to products?

      Vendor Category 1
      Vendor 1
      Vendor 2
      Vendor Category 2
      Vendor 3
      Vendor 4 etc?

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      Hi Team, Any response on this will be very much appriciated.

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      Hi nvasave, thanks for reaching WCMp support.

      Generally, Like any user, the vendors are also not assigned into any categories.

      But, the flow you are looking for can be achievable via custom code. Let us know if you need a reference of hook/filter for the same.

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      Thanks Moumita for your prompt response.

      Yes, please I will be interested in getting the Reference hook/filter for the same.


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      Hi @nvasave,
      You have to do some custom code. If you want to add category vendor wise then you need to add a filed where you select a category. So in this below hook, you can add any field in the WCMP vendor details area.

      apply_filters("settings_{$this->tab}_personal_tab_options", $personal_tab_options, $vendor_obj)
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      Thanks Raju,

      Is this the only custom hook/code I need to add? I am guessing in the functions.php of my theme? or is it somewhere else?

    • #85242

      @nvasave, I have shared the filter’s name. Now using this filter you have to create your own custom code regarding the flow you are looking for. Also. you have to add your code in the function.php of the child theme.

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      Thanks Raju. I am not an expert in wordpress theme development or php for that matter. I was looking for a simple solution like a short code where i can dosomething like this

      [wcmp_vendorslist orderby=”registered” order=”ASC” filterby=”<vendor choice field>=<vendor choice value>”]

      is it possible?

      In my form I have a checkbox which indicates whether the Vendor is a Charity or not. if it’s checked then vandor is a charity, so the short code example above can just filter vendor by a that checkbox and show only the vendor who are charities in a page.

      Thanks for your help so far,

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      @nvasave, currently we don’t have any such option to specify the category.

      However, we do display vendors as per the category of the product they sold. So, what you can do, is create a category of the product from Product >> Category. Then ask the vendor to sell one specific category.

      In this way, you can use this shortcode

      [wcmp_vendorslist orderby="registered" order="category"]

      Let us know if you have any further query.

Viewing 8 reply threads

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