Vendor can’t add product – javascript void seen and nothing happens

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Vendor can’t add product – javascript void seen and nothing happens Open

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      Vendors can’t add products. They get to the create a new product page, and upon getting to the part where they pick the categories for the new product they get a javascript void that seen upon hovering the product categories which results in nothing happening when they click the product category — no subcategories are shown even though there are subcategories — nor do they go to the next part that allows them to enter product details.

      Please view screenshots.

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      Can you please check if you have enabled the vendors to add products as from vendor dashboard as you can see here (https://prnt.sc/106i75t).

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      Yes the capabilities were enabled and are still enabled. — vendors can add products. It just doesn’t work for them in the frontend.

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      May I know if you have checked marketplace plugin with WooCommerce and standard theme (storefront/twenty). Please deactivate all your plugin, except WooCommerce and WCMp + addon. You can then check the flow. If everything is working fine, in order to detect which plugin is causing conflict- please activate each plugin consecutively and check the flow.
      Similarly, for theme conflict- please deactivate the current theme and check with standard WooCommerce theme (storefront/twenty) It is suggested to please perform these tests on your staging website and keep us posted with the outcome.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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