Vendor Billing form always empty after click “create bank account”

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Vendor Billing form always empty after click “create bank account” Resolved

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      If I click “Create Bank account” with valid data, The form is still accessible and empty. But in the mangopay backend I see the right connected bank account.

      For the Vendor it is not visible and clear if his account is connected or not. So he can fill and submit the form multiple times and create multiple bank accounts for mangopay.

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      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      According to vendor billing section we can see these field for mangopay as you can see here https://prnt.sc/100tj7n

      We are unable to recreate this issue at our end. Can you please share a video of the issue that you are facing so that we can guide you more efficiently.

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      At your screenshot, you fill the form at the first time when you should enter your name etc, so everything is find.

      But as you can see in my screenshot I already create a wallet and successfull do the KYC process.

      After this, I must create a bank account.
      And now the issue occurred, after clicking “Create Bank account” the form is shown again. So the user can create a bank account multiple times!

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      May I know if you have checked marketplace plugin with WooCommerce and standard theme (storefront/twenty). Please deactivate all your plugin, except WooCommerce and WCMp + addon. You can then check the flow. If everything is working fine, in order to detect which plugin is causing conflict- please activate each plugin consecutively and check the flow.
      Similarly, for theme conflict- please deactivate the current theme and check with standard WooCommerce theme (storefront/twenty) It is suggested to please perform these tests on your staging website and keep us posted with the outcome.

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      I will test on my local installation

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      Kindly keep us posted.

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      Hi, we haven’t heard back from you. Hope the issue is resolved.

      If you need any further help, please create another thread.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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