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type of vendor – retail, wholesale, manufacturer, multi-select – sortable featur Resolved

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      i’d like to allow my vendors to indicate whether they are retailers, wholesale, manufacturers, distributors, or some combination (some vendors are all four)

      it would be great if there were a checkbox option maybe called “Vendor Type” so they could check which they are

      also, would be great too if vendors and products could have a filter to, for example, “display only manufacturers” or “display only retailers” and then just those vendors and their products would display

      the idea is that my site would have all kinds of vendors and all kinds of visitors, some could be end customers looking to make small purchases, but other visitors could be retail entities looking to make wholesale purchases

      hope this makes sense


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      WCMp Admin

      Hello Will,

      Thanks for sharing your idea. Sorry for the delay, we joined back 24 hours back and was bogged down with the support threads. The idea of adding vendor type makes sense but as far as I foresee it involves a lot more than what you have shared. As in, we would have build features, roles and capabilities for each of these vendor types to ensure they serve other community members too. For example, when vendors opt to be a wholesale customer then vendors should have an option to add wholesale price on top of regular WooCommerce price. Similarly, Distributors should be able to manage a group of vendors, their orders and stores. All that sounds exciting so I would request other comminuty members to put across their vaulable inout for the module.


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      Hi Folks.

      I sort of need to wade in here but after a long talk with my vendor (wife), We seem to have come to a conclusion but it’s a little messy.

      She wants to be able to sell wholesale as well as normally.
      I’ve suggested she open another shop (as a new vendor) called her “business name (wholesale)” as the minimum order quantity can be set for wholesale amounts.

      But as I said this way seems messy.

      I’m open to any suggestions but this maybe one for a bolt on.
      It does sound like a lot of work.


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      WCMp Admin

      Hello Glynn,

      Thanks for stepping up and sharing your valuable inputs. Your suggestion of creating a whole new vendor store sounds like an alternative but yes it’s a bit messy- there would be 2 products with the same name and then you cannot distinguish or rather I should say restrict your normal customers from buying at wholesale price. The minimum order quantity would be defined at the entire site level so that might not help the use case. I have added this as to our future to-do list but as you rightly understood, this would take some time.


Viewing 3 reply threads

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