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target customers to right vendor shops using geolocation Resolved

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      Just started with the marketplace plugin. My goal is to have a marketplace that sells to local communities.
      Some of my vendor sells throughout the country, and some only to few locations nearby their business.
      Is there a way to have the front page displaying only the relevant stores for the customer using geolocation?
      How can that be achieved?
      Another thing is, I work on a site that already have over 100 products and now they want to have a reseller that will sell their products as well, (but not all of them) and will have his own payment method and will sell on different physical location.
      Can I make all the products available to both vendors, and yet each one of them can control his own stock?
      How do I bulk edit them to certain store?
      Thank you

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      Hi @yinon2b, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      We have a page that displays all the vendors in a list as you can see here: So in this page vendor can be located as per the nearest location to the customer. You can create this page using this shortcode [wcmp_vendorslist]

      To let a vendor sell the same products of other vendors, for this we already have a flow called SPMV (Single Product Multiple Vendor). You can configure this by following this flow:

      Each vendor adds their own price, stock, etc and sells as per their location.

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      I presume this issue has been resolved, so I am closing this thread.

      If you need any further help, please do open another thread.’

Viewing 2 reply threads

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