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      Victoria Aldridge

      I am a new marketplace, I originally wanted to have a 3 month free trial and then a recurring payment of £6.99 per month. I’ve discovered that this isn’t possible with Stripe. I then thought I could have a £1 3 month trial and then recurring of £6.99 per month. This doesn’t seem possible either as it seems to charge £1 for the first month and the month after increases to £6.99 automatically. I also looked at providing a free membership initially and then allowing the vendors to upgrade after the 3 months but I see that the upgrade memberships only relate to limits on products or categories there doesn’t seem to be a time limit which would have worked ideally?

      I’m now stuck as because I’m a new martetplace I won’t be able to charge £6.99 initially as I don’t have the traffic statistics to show new vendors.

      What options does the membership plugin offer that could assist me in a very low (£1) payment for 3 months and then increasing to £6.99? Or offering a free trial for 3 months.

      I’d like to use Stripe rather than Paypal as I’m not keen on Paypal.

      Thank you for your help

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      @Victoria Aldridge, using Stripe as a payment mode, you can set only the initial amount and recurring amount. Now, you may select recurring cycle as Semimonthly:

      Will this work for you?

Viewing 1 reply thread

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