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Stripe Connect and Stripe Marketplace settings not visible in dashboard Open

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      I am trying to launch multivendor store with Stripe.

      I created Stripe test account, configured Connect there, I have active link for Vendors registration that works fine in Stripe.

      The problem is that I can not activate multivendor store settings in my wordpress instance and Vendor in wordpress can not connect to Stripe from his vendor dashboard:

      Check the screenshot. What am I doing wrong?

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      Hello AKH,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Would like to confirm if you have made some changes in the Assets folder then kindly download the plugin again and check at your end.

      If not then there might be some theme conflict. So kindly change to some default theme like Storefront and check it at your end if the issue still exists.

      Kindly keep us posted.

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      Hi! Thank you for reply.

      I understood that for an ability to test Stripe Connect I need to purchase an extension for WCMp. I am evaluating another solution which has support of Stripe Connect out-of-the box now.

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      Can you please help me by explaining your requirement in detail so that we can guide you accordingly.

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      I figured out that in order to activate vendor payouts via Stripe I need to purchase a Stripe Extension for WCMP. I did it yesterday and activated Stripe Marketplace.

      Now I have another problem. I am launching a subscription-based software marketplace and need support of recurring payments. I have Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin and it works for one small product in live mode already. Now I need to launch multivendor marketplace for subscriptions.

      While testing i figured out that your Stripe Extension does not support recurring payments. Is that correct? Is there a solution for Stripe or another gateway for multi-vendor subscription-based products?

      Important notice: Stripe has it’s own subscriptions service called Stripe Billing, I don’t need that. Subscriptions are managed inside wordpress with WC Subscriptions plugin. All I need is a recurring payments support for subscriptions auto-renewals at the first stage.

      Thank you!

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      The recurring payment by WCMp Stripe marketplace will be introduced in our future update depending on the resources and availability of the team, however if you want to add this feature you can add it at your end.

      Kindly let us know if you need any help with the hooks and filter then our team will guide you accordingly.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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