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Stripe commission payment problem

Stripe commission payment problem2019-03-07T03:33:18-05:00

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Stripe commission payment problem Resolved

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  • Paul Choquet
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    My e-commerce site is operational. I installed the WC Marketplace plugin. I am admin and I have to take 10% commission on transactions.
    My problem :
    When a sale is made, woocomerce tells me that the seller must receive the remaining 90%, however I receive the full amount on my account stripe.
    Do you know why? Is it something wrongly set? Is it possible to make transfers to sellers from the Stripe Dashboard?

    Thank you in advance,

    Paul Choquet

  • NerdySupportExpert Moumita
    Post count: 3864

    Hi @paul Choquet, the default flow of WC Marketplace only handles the payment from admin to the vendor. Hence WooCommerce handles the payment from the customer to admin, therefore admin will get the whole amount.

    Now as per WCMp Schedule and payment mode (see this screenshot –, the vendor will get their part of the commission.

    If you want the vendor to get paid directly when the customer pays for the order, then you may use WCMp Stripe Marketplace ( Hence, admin and vendor will get their part of the money instantly from the checkout page.

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 50

    Hi Paul,

    Since we have not heard back from you, we presume that you no longer have an issue regarding this. Hence we are closing this thread. Please open a new thread in case the issue persists or there is any other issue.


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