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      Fabian Trollmann


      this is my first post. I am using the WCMp Plugin for a few weeks now and I am very happy. I also bought the Stripe Marketplace plugin, which I set up and also works great. But I need to enable SEPA Payments. Is there any way I can include the Stripe Connect SEPA Feature to the Payment Form? I would really appreciate your help!

      Thank you very much!

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      For now, we don’t support SEPA payment. Stripe offers different types of card payments and all. Every type needs different integration. For now, we support some well-known types. You can check stripe doc here https://stripe.com/docs/payments/sepa-debit. They also provide a library for this https://github.com/stripe-samples/web-elements-sepa-debit-payment. Integrating this part in our end needs a good amount of custom code. If you are integrating by yourself then let us know for any filter or structure help.

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      Fabian Trollmann

      Hi Raju, thank you for helping me out! I have got a few php and js skills, but I’m new to custom code with WordPress-Plugins. Can you give me a few tips, what’s the best way to include the SEPA Api to the WCMp Checkout Form? Thank you!

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      First of all, you need to check our complete code. For integrating payment gateways things, each and everything you need to take the help of their API. This is not some lines of code ( I mean, there is no way to provide hooks and filters). First, you need to do a complete r&d of https://stripe.com/docs/payments/sepa-debit this doc then complete study our stripe marketplace code. For more stripe can help you out. In our integration time, we also take help from the stripe. They will surely help you out.
      Let us know for any further help.

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      Hi, we haven’t heard back from you for a while. We presume this issue has been fixed.

      Please open another thread if you need any further help

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      I m interested in this payment method and I wanna know more details if possible.


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      Sure @m.asnikovpas

      Please let us know your query so we can help you out.

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