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      I activated the plugin and selected to hide the prices, add to cart, etc.
      The plugin seems to be working.
      However, I still see options on the category pages to sort by price:
      * Sort by price: low to high
      * Sort by price: high to low
      Shouldn’t these hide when the prices are hidden?
      This is the free version, not Pro.

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      Hi @cclinton, thanks for reaching WCMp Support!!

      It seems like this sort option might be added by any widget. Just to be sure, can you share a page link, so we can check and help you out accordingly.

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      I am currently testing a local instance of WordPress so am not able to offer sharing capabilities.
      Please note that this is not a widget, this is the standard ‘sort by’ field that appears in WooCommerce. This appears on the shop pages allowing people to change how the products are sorted on the page. You can see an example of this “sort” feature on this live site:
      I had assumed that the plugin “Catalog Enquiry”, when hiding the prices, would also hide the sort by prices options. Is this not the case?
      For reference, I am attaching a photo. This is my Shop page with the plugin activated. You can see that the prices and Add to Cart buttons are gone. However, the sort by price options are still there.
      I am using the following:
      Wordpress: 5.2.4
      WooCommerce: 3.7.1
      Oxygen Builder: 3.0.1
      Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce: 1.0.1
      Gravity Forms: 2.4.14
      WC Catalog Enquiry: 3.2.1

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      @cclinton, thanks for providing further information. This sort field comes from woocommerce.

      However, if you want to remove this, add this code to the function.php of the current active child theme :

      add_filter( 'woocommerce_catalog_orderby', 'remove_sorting_option_woocommerce_shop' ); 
      function remove_sorting_option_woocommerce_shop( $options ) {
         unset( $options['price'] );   
         unset( $options['price-desc'] );
         return $options;
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      Thank you. I was able to use code to make these options disappear.

      Future request for the Catalog Enquiry plugin: make these two sorting options disappear using the plugin.
      If a person is using your plugin to make the prices disappear, don’t you think they also want the sort by price options to also disappear? Why allow sort by price if no prices are visible?

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      Hi @cclinton, I have created this feature request.

      Our developer team will take further decision on this –

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      That’s very responsive.
      Thank you.

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      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.
      We are marking this thread as resolved.
      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

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