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      First, thanks so much for developing this plugin. It’s working out so far, and honestly the only shortcoming I see compared to others is direct SMS support.

      In particular, I’d love to see support for the Twillio SMS app, enabling an SMS message to be sent to a vendor when a new order comes in.

      Is this type of functionality on the roadmap?

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      Hi @sjividen, thanks for sharing the feature request. We do have plan to add SMS notification. Once we will start working on this module, will let you know.

      p.s. Our office will be closed due to holidays (4th to 10th Oct). Hence, the response might get delayed.

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      Hello. the plugin is actually really cool and useful. I have such a question, I need to send an order to some address but I don’t know the postcode, can I find it out somehow? I’ve been searching for an answer on the Internet and found a site, do you think it is reliable? I think it looks pretty decent and the info must be accurate…

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      @fjooissss, We haven’t worked on this, hence can’t say for sure whether this works?

      Maybe you can check and let our user know regarding this!!

Viewing 3 reply threads

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