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      When I save information on any storefront of the marketplace, where you choose the “country” field, it saves the info and it displays correctly in the front-end, but the dropdown does not keep the value, and it go back on the first selectable value, this is a problem for the vendor users, cause when you change something on the storefront and save it again, if you don’t know the problem, it sets the shop with the first country of the dropdown.
      See the attachment please.
      Can you help us with this one? Thanks.

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      Hello thank you for getting in touch with us , can you please share a short video stating your query so that we can understand it better

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      Hi, here it is the video, as you can see when I save the option of the country choosing Italy, in the storefront I see Italy, and that’s fine, but when I go back in vendor dashboard the dropdown didn’t keep the “Italia” info, and remain on the first entry “Afghanistan”. For an admin that knows this “problem” is not a problem, but if we have many users that have many shops when they save any info, it changes the country again, cause you have to change it any time you want to add or change something on your dashboard…

      Link to the video:

      Thanks for the support

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      Hi @m.mehrabi, thanks for the video. We tried to recreate this on our end, but couldn’t find the issue. There must be some plugin/theme conflict issue.

      Just to be sure disable all the plugins for testing purposes. If the issue is still there, switch to some default theme like twenty sixteen and check again. Please do keep us posted.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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