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      I see this morning that suddenly my shipping options are not showing at checkout. These were working fine 2 days ago when I last checked.

      I have set allowed shipping postcodes. When I type in an allowed postcode at checkout, the checkout window still displays ‘There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.’

      This should display my admin shipping method. Again, it was working a couple of days ago. There has been a WCMp plugin update since so perhaps that is the issue?

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      Hi @raoul, sorry for the inconvenience.

      There was an issue, which we have fixed last day. Please make sure to follow this procedure :
      – Deactivate and delete the current WCMp (Don’t worry this will not delete any data)
      – Install WC Marketplace again.

      This should fix the issue.

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      Yep that fixed the issue.

      If there are ever issues like this in the future, can you please send a communication out to all impacted customers such as myself. It could have been days/weeks till I found this myself and as a result I could have lost a lot of revenue.

      Can you confirm WCMp will do this going forward please?

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      Hi thank you for getting in touch with us ,
      We have launched a new shipping module “ shipping by distance “.
      Therefore the bug was created .we have released an update within an hour .
      In the future we will try our best so that no such issues occur in future .

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      I’ve got the same problem. My shipping disappeared for all my tangible products.

      Under the WCMP general tab I turned *off* “Enable Vendor Shipping.”

      Under Woocommerce / Settings / Shipping / WCMP Shipping by Distance I unchecked “Enable Shipping.”

      I saw your suggestion earlier about deactivating and deleting the plugin, but when I hit the delete button I’m presented with THIS message:

      Are you sure you want to delete Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce – WC Marketplace and its data?

      “. . . AND ITS DATA” ???

      I can’t lose the data.

      I’m using version 3.7.6 of your software.

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      @joekoday, deleting our WCMp plugin doesn’t delete any data.
      Don’t worry, there will be no data loss.

    • #124686

      You’re correct. I did not lose any data and it did fix the shipping problem. Thank you for your assistance.

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      You are welcome @joekoday

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      Kurt Darren

      Hi, we just had the same problem and didn’t find out until a customer asked why their checkout wasn’t working.

      It then took 10 hours of debugging time until we found this thread.

      Maybe you need to notify all users of WCMP about this issue and how to resolve?

      Also I must add that we needed to deactivate frontend manager, and other wcmp extensions before deactivating and deleting WCMP – as it didn’t work without doing this.

    • #125260

      we have already fixed the issue in the update

Viewing 9 reply threads

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