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      I just wanted to get in touch as I made some changes to my cart and when I edit this on WordPress it is working as it should with clear shipping costs and the total calculated
      But then I go to test this in on another browser window this happens

      Stating that shipping costs are calculated at the checkout. I want to show the shipping costs for each vendor here like the first example I shared https://prnt.sc/106gqkf
      Can you please advise what is the best way to achieve this?
      WooCommerce advised this was connected to your plugin, your help on this would be hugely appreciated.

      Thank you,

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      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      As per our default flow, the shipping charges are visible at the cart page as you can see here https://prnt.sc/107fjo4 as you have shared in your screenshot https://prnt.sc/106gqkf

      Kindly check the same at your end.

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      As you can see from the last screenshot https://prnt.sc/106gqx2
      The shipping costs don’t show on the cart page
      This shows the text Shipping Costs are calculated during checkout.
      (the first screenshot is from the admin preview. That isn’t what is actually displaying on the front cart.

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      Since you’re logged in on one browser, the Woocommerce session is enabled and it remembers you so it’s able to calculate your shipping if you have address information entered. If you go to another browser, the Woocommerce session isn’t enabled so it’ll need you to enter your address before it can calculate. You can adjust the settings so allow customer to calculate their shipping on the Cart page if you want by enabling it in the settings. See attached.

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      @Redilson thank you for the help.

      kindly follow the steps as been shared by Redilson.

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      hope you are well.
      Thank you for your reply.
      Just to clarify, I only operate in one country there is no reason for me to hide the shipping costs.
      The text in the cart is a bad user experience, I simply want to show shipping costs to show in the cart without any text which states shipping costs are calculated etc.
      can you please let me know how I can achieve this?

      Thank you,

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      @allhighstreets, can you please explain your requirement with the help of some screenshots stating where exactly you want the changes so that we can help you more efficiently.

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      As you can see from the below link, I can now add the individual postage cost as i have added the location services.
      But this is still showing the “calculate shipping” underneath the shipping cost. Is it also possible to remove the text alongside the postage cost?


      Thank you and I look forward to your feedback.

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      Kindly uncheck this check box from Woocommerce >> settings >> shipping >> shipping option as you can see here https://prnt.sc/10w311v and see if it is removing this text at your end.

    • #118339

      Perfect thank you 🙂 that seems to have got rid of the “Calculate Shipping”

      The other issue is the additional text alongside the actual shipping costs, is it possible to hide this and only show the cost?
      (the postage & packaging, Table Rate, Flat rate etc that appears next to the cost.)

      Thank you.

    • #118397

      Sameena, for this you need to add custom code. This link will help you out better : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37304801/how-to-remove-shipping-from-woocommerce-cart

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