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      I would like to reach the following scenario:
      A website selling books with variations (ebook, printed, audio)
      1. There are some products that are attached to vendors and some that aren’t, the owner wants to sell himself and allow authors to create an account.
      2. When a user reaches checkout:
      – If there is 1 product in cart: 1 printed book, ONLY the shipping costs of the vendor will appear, if there is no vendor then the shipping defined by Woocommerce will appear.
      – If there are 2 products in cart: 1 of vendor and 1 of website, I would like to show shipping methods for each product with separate costs.

      Basically, each product needs to have shipping rules with the logic I wrote above, is this possible?
      At the moment, if I have 2 products in the cart and two of them are of a vendor I see both shipping options: 1 that was defined by the Vendor and 1 that was defined in Woocommerce Shipping settings.

      Summary: I would like to consider the Woocommerce Shipping methods as fallback and to be shown as such, only if necessary.


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      Fantastic Kuhu


      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      When vendor is added, shipping class is created and each vendor can access their own shipping class. Whenever, vendor adds any product the respective shipping class gets added with the product.

      However, admin can assign the shipping class to the product.

      Based on above, in the checkout- if there is two product one from admin and other from vendor >> customer can see sub total of two products, individual shipping charges and total i.e (Sub total + bot the shipping )

      Hopefully, till here the flow is clear. Now please let me know what exact calculation you want to show in the checkout. Any practical example related to your business flow, would be more helpful to figure out the requirement.

      Awaiting your response.


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      I’ll try to explain again.
      The websites allows books authors to create an account (vendor) and sell their books, they can also set shipping methods.
      I, as admin/shop manager, setup a default shipping method because I also want to sell books from my publishing house.

      The problem happens when I add a vendor product to the cart, I see both shipping methods, one of the website (that I created via Woocommerce settings page) and one of the vendor.

      I would like this to happen:
      If a product is of a vendor and the vendor has setup a shipping method, then the method I created via Woocommerce would not appear.

      Basically, I would like the option to always have a fallback shipping method, even when vendors are creating shipping methods on their account.

      Does it make more sense now?

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      Fantastic Kuhu
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      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

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