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      As administrator, we have activated the two ticks that you show so that each (user of our platform) can configure their prices in the shipments.

      In the administrator section we have assets: Local Collection, Single Price, Free and Seller’s Shipping (capture attached)

      The problem is that when our users are in their panel, they do not see these options.

      If I click to add more options there are no more, just these 3

      What am I doing wrong or how can I fix this problem?

      thanks and greetings

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      Hello Jordimp,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      According to the default flow, when you add vendor shipping as shipping method for that zone, that only allows the vendors to add shipping rates from vendor dashboard and it will not separately show any vendor shipping on vendor dashboard.

      By default, WCMp has vendor shipping, local pickup, flat rate shipping, free shipping options available for vendors. Now if you want to add a new shipping method other than the default shipping method, then you have to do custom coding.

      Kindly let us know the issue in detail so that we can guide you accordingly.

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      I’m not clear that this shipping system can’t exist.

      I mean, you have a free plugin even that in principle services to make shipments and depending on quantities or amounts can make a range of shipping prices.

      What I would need is the following, because maybe the problem is that I explain myself wrong: I as a web ADMINISTRATOR, I have SELLERS who put their products and will need to send these products to different places in the same country. Depending on the volume, weight, … they must be able to apply a shipping fee to adjust the amount as it will not be the same amount for each product or final weight.


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      Hello Jordimp,

      If you want to offer your vendor products specific shipping rates depending on volume, weight then you may use Woocommer plugin Table rate shipping (

      Our plugin WCMP advanced shipping ( is compatible with WooCommerce Table Rate shipping plugin. Hence it will enable shipping calculation as per weight feature via vendor dashboard.

      Can you please check whether this will suit your need.

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      Sorry if I don’t understand.

      Do I need the two plugins you mention or is yours enough? …

      • #112444

        I don’t know if this is a problem or something is happening …
        It seems to be like indicating that it is not active when it is activated, and the options that should be loaded within woocommerce do not appear, I think that there is the problem, but I have no idea how to solve this


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      Hello Jordimp,

      Let me provide you some more details.

      As mentioned earlier, our plugin WCMP advanced shipping is depended on WooCommerce Advance Shipping rate. With this two plugins only, you can let the vendor set shipping rates depending on volume, weight.

      That is the reason when you activate advanced shipping plugin you get a message as you can see here ( Thus you have to activate both the plugin (Advanced Frontend manager, Advanced shipping).

      Kindly try it at your end and keep us posted.

    • #116249

      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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