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      I would like to remove Banking transfers informations for vendors in their shop settings. As my site doesn’t have SSL, I don’t want to store these informations and wnat my vendors to only be able to get their commissions with paypal as it is faster and easier for me to pay like that. Is there a way to remove these fields in “wcmp_vendor_billing” page?

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      I also have another questions regarding payments. When a transaction is made (let’s say Bob buy Alex’s product), if I set WCMp to give commission directly to vendors, do I need to pay Paypal fees (2, 9% +0.3) for the transaction made with Bob who bought the product as well as with Alex to give him his commission or I only pay fees one time to get Bob’s money and to give Alex his share?

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      Hi Derek,

      I believe you have customize the “Billing” part. Billing page comes from “Vendor Billing” page, if you delete that page then the “Billing” option will be there but the upon clicking on it – page not found option will pop-up. So, not to display part you have to customize the “Billing” session.


Viewing 2 reply threads

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