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      We refunded an item on a Master Order as we collect tax on behalf of clients and had to refund that tax back to the purchaser. The first email that goes out is ok, striking out only the refunded item and showing the new total for the order. However, it’s also sending out individual emails to the customer for every vendor that was on the order and their items, saying they were “refunded” when they weren’t. Only one item was refunded on the Master Order.

      Can you let me know what the issue is? You’ll want to test this by doing an order with many vendors and then trying to refund just one product on the Master Order. Thank you!

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      So basically, if you do a refund through the Master Order it shouldn’t send an email for the individual Sub Orders because the customer doesn’t even know what the sub order is from their perspective.

      If you do a refund through the Sub Order, it should still send out the notice you’d get from the Master Order (all products and vendors) with the adjustments to the customer’s entire order (again since they don’t know that sub orders exist).

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      It also marks each commission for the vendor on that order as “Partial_refunded”. It should only mark the one vendor that the product was actually refunded on, not ALL vendors in the Master Order. If you can’t replicate, let me know and I’m happy to provide some screenshots.

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      We have debugged this issue.
      When we refund it from the parent order then the customer is getting 2 mails. One from parent order one from suborder.

      And if refund from suborder then customer getting only that order mail.

      Here is the video

      so you want when admin do refund it then customer only get parent order email

      Can you please confirm???

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      Hi Raju,

      The issue is that the customer doesn’t know what the “sub order” is or have that sub order number. When they do their order, they get one email with the Parent order number and the products they ordered.

      When an item is refunded, they should only get the Parent order email with the specific refunded items lined out (would be nice if it was red in color).

      If you did want to send an email when the sub order is refunded, you’d need to change the order id on the email so it matches the Parent Order number not the sub order since the customer doesn’t know or have that info. You’d also want to not send an email for the Parent order in that case as it doesn’t make sense to send it twice.

      Since we collect Tax on behalf of vendors (it’s the law in some states in the US), the only way for us to properly refund items in an order is to do it through the Parent order because Tax also has to be sent back to the customer on that specific purchase we’re refunding. If you did it in the sub order, the tax wouldn’t go back to them because the vendor doesn’t get any tax (admin is keeping it).

      Thanks for the help!

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      When the customer submits the refund request, they select the sub order number and then place the refund. Hence we send the refund email with the sub order number.

      However you can definitely send the parent order number instead of the sub order number by doing a small code. If you want we can share the coding procedure with you.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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