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Product category limit not working

Product category limit not working2019-02-12T00:31:32-05:00

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WCMp Vendor Membership

Product category limit not working Open

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  • julz52
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    We are using WCMP Vendor MemberShip with Advanced Front-End Manager.

    We want users to be able to select multiple categories for each product, so I have added the code to ‘wcmp-afm-add-product.php’ outlined here:

    This works fine, but when the vendor, who is on a membership with a product category limit of 3, creates a new product in the front-end, they can select as many categories as they like, and nothing stops them.

    How can we limit the number of categories they can select when creating a product in the front-end manager? I thought the Vendor Membership plugin would check this but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

  • Tech Tycoon Debleena
    Post count: 501

    Hi @julz52, thanks for reporting this issue.

    We will fix this in our next update.

    I will keep you posted.

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