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PayPal Marketplace and Woocommerce Subscription Open

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      Hi, thank you for your query.
      Currently WCMp Paypal Marketplace is not compatible with Woocommerce Subscription.
      However we will make WCMp Papal Marketplace compatible with Woocommerce Subscription in future.

      FYI our addon WCMp Stripe Marketplace (https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-stripe-marketplace/ ) is compatible with WooCommerce Subscription.

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      Thank you for your reply.
      How do I get a product with a subscription on a site with PayPal as payment method?
      Do you have a solution? I plan to launch a subscription in the next few days, so I bought Woocommerce Subscription very expensive, and I still face problems because of WCMp Paypal, it’s annoying

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      Since WCMp Paypal Marketplace is not compatible with Woocommerce Subscription, the only solution is to use WCMp Stripe Marketplace to pay vendors instantly for their subscription products.

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      But in this case the customers cannot pay via PayPal, most of my customers use PayPal.
      When do you plan to make your plugin compatible with Woocommerce ?

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      Adding payment mode compatiblliy requires good amount of testing and coding.

      So, once WCMp 4.0 will be released, only then we can start working on this.

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      Okay… I’m waiting for the update

Viewing 6 reply threads

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