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      the idea behind WCMp is that the finances going through the admin and the admin is paying the vendors.
      I would need, that all finance things going direct to the customer.
      I have found this post:

      And it seems with WCMp Stripe Marketplace this is possible.
      But how exactly need this to be setup?
      As the admin you need to create a Stripe account?

      Are there any possibilities to bypass this?
      Because this should just to be a project (we as the admin also don’t want to have any profit or money) and if we need a service provider (Stripe), we are already handling as a company, would need to be a type of a company (liability,…)


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      I can’t edit my post. It seems that the link was deleted?!
      This is the post which I have found:

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      Hi @itunes_schreiber, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      As I can understand, you want the customer to pay the money directly to the vendors. In that case, you have to first set vendor commission as 100% via WCMp >> Settings >> Payment.
      Now, using WCMp Stripe Marketplace (, it will send the whole money to the vendor’s stripe account. The admin does need to configure the stripe as per our doc:

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      Thanks for the information.

      So, we as the admin would need to create an stripe account?
      And the vendors? Do every vendor need also to have / create an stripe account?


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      @itunes_schreiber, yes both admin and vendor need to have their own stripe account.

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      You can mark the ticket as resolved.
      Thanks for your help. 🙂

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