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      Kevin Ørskov

      When the Chat Button is configured to be placed next to the “Add to cart” button on the product page and you click the “Chat” button on the product page, the page just reloads.

      Anyone who has experienced this before and might know how to fix it?

      See here: https://pigetrusser.dk/produkt/brugte-trusser/hipsters/lilla-satin-hipsters/

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      Hi @Kevin Ørskov, sorry to hear that you have faced the issue.

      It seems like a theme conflict issue. Just to be sure switch to some default theme like Twenty Sixteen and check again.
      Let us know the result so we can help you out.

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        Kevin Ørskov

        I tried to change the theme to the default Twenty Twenty-One but it still reloaded when clicking the Chat button on the product page – so it looks like it’s not a theme related issue, unless your plugin is incompatible with both themes.

        Also, when clicking the Chat button on the Vendor page, the button is delayed by a few seconds. Looking into the browser console, it looks like the initial request to customerchat.php is being cancelled but the second request succeeds.. see attached image.
        Any idea why?

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      Please do create a staging site and share a temporary admin, ftp access to that site. Our team will check this on your end.
      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      Kevin Ørskov

      That looks like it cleared up the issue – thank you!

      Another question before this issue is closed: is it possible to change the language of the chat module in the frontend to other than English?

    • #125216

      Hello @Kevin , hope you are doing well.
      In order to do this you have to translate the plugin first.
      You can go through our translation guide for better understanding

      • #125613
        Kevin Ørskov

        I’m already using the Loco translation plugin and it serves my purposes very nicely!

        However, I cannot find the texts for the Live Chat anywhere. Seems like it won’t synchronize the texts.
        Have you experienced this before with Live Chat specifically?

    • #125651

      @Kevin Ørskov, our team is looking into this.

      In case, we will find the issue, we will release an update. Hopefully within a week.

Viewing 7 reply threads

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