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Order Status Update email referencing sub order Resolved

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      We noticed that the Order Status Update email is referencing the vendor’s sub order, instead of the Customer order number. Since the email goes to the customer, it should reference their order number not the sub order (customers don’t know a “sub order” exists).

      Thanks for considering.

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      When the vendor updates the order status then the customer will get the mail with their order number. Like in vendor end https://prnt.sc/vogbu8 when changed the status, the customer ( https://prnt.sc/vogq88 ) is getting the email of https://prnt.sc/vogqf9. This is the flow. Now can you please explain the issue you are facing with some video or images.

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      I guess you can close this, as the customer does have access to the Sub Order numbers in their account which I forgot about. But, I’m thinking of guests though, who don’t have any sub order number info available to them (they only get the Parent order number in their confirmation). It’s a minor thing I guess.

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      Thank you for the update. We are closing the ticket now. In case any issue arises kindly raise a new ticket.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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