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      I have created two vendors(two different stores) and is there any way to add two or more than users for each vendor? with different login credentials?

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      Fantastic Kuhu

      Hi @anirudh

      May I know, what would be the role of these users?

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      vendor A and Vendor B are two different vendors in a different location in wp-marketplace, what I’m asking is is there any way to ‘add users’ to manage the store? for example, in Vendor A, user ABC is the vendor, and in Vendor B, XYZ is the vendor, I want to add more users in vendor A and Vendor B, for the delivery guy, store manager, finance. They should only get orders of respective vendors without giving full access. if adding multiple users is not supported for the vendor, consider this as a future update.
      (In yith pos plugin, they have the option to add multiple users for a single store.)

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      Fantastic Kuhu

      Hi @anirudh,

      You can check our addon , it actually allows vendor to add staff for managing several responsibilities. For more details, you can check the knowledgebase-


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      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

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