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Moving from different theme: How to auto-link 1500 products to vendors Open

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      Hi there,

      we bought a theme (rigid by ALthemist) which works nice with WCMp. We installed WCFM first and found that all products are automatically assigned to the right user (vendor) as soon as we assigned the correct role to the user.

      When we disabled WCFM and installed WCMp this is not the case. We have 1500+ products. I want to use WCMp because it fits better with the theme but please help us with a solution regarding the automatically assigned products. That must work somehow if it works with WCFM.

      Best regards,

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      @doepper.m, thanks for reaching WCMp Support!!

      You can assign the bulk product to a vendor by following this flow :

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      Hello Moumita, thanks a lot. That is unfortunately not what I mean. Since we have 1500+ products by 80+ vendors, I dont know by heart which product belongs to which vendor. However, The current association is there, since WCFM can automatically assign the correct products to the correct vendors. So my questions is, how this is possible with WCMp since we rather want to use that Plugin. If WCFM can auto-link them based on a tag (or user right) WCMp should be able to do that as well, right? Just we dont know how

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      @doepper.m, Let me help you out on why do you need to assign the vendors manually.
      Each plugin creates their own vendor role (i.e. separate name of the role, like we name our vendor dc_vendor). Hence when a vendor adds a product, the author is set as that vendor.

      Now when you switch to some other plugin, there is no mapping of that. As there is no migrator currently, hence you need to manually assign them. You can sort all the products per vendor and export them one by one. Then import the product per vendor and assign the products to that vendor only.

      Also, I undertand that might belong process for you. However if you have coding knowladge, we can help you how you can create a migrator which will map the vendors.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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