More than 12 vendors at the vendor list don’t work

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More than 12 vendors at the vendor list don’t work Open

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      please look here and click to the second site or next:
      It doesn’t work. How can i repair this?
      And can i show more than 12 vendors per site?

      Thank you!

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      @Arkat, can you please share what shortcode are you using for this vendor list?
      Also, to display more than 12 vendors in the page, you need to add this code in the function.php and set the number as per your need :

      /*Increase number of vendors shown on vendor list */
      add_filter('wcmp_vendor_list_vendors_query_args', 'display_number');
      function display_number( $args ) {
      $args['number'] = pass_the_number_here;
      return $args;
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      Thank you Moumita!
      It works.

      The short code is:
      [wcmp_vendorslist orderby=”registered” order=”ASC”]

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      @Arkat, this issue will be fixed in our next update. You can track the issue from here :

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      Thank you.
      Can you please delete our URL in the first item?
      Thank you.

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      Thread updated.

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